These Gay Servicemen talks about what it’s like to be a Gay in The Military

It’s been while in American military that gay rights have progressed much better. And after this progress, a group of gay men has disclosed the facts about what did they feel while serving for their country.

Before there was a rule ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ but since this rule had been repealed many of the gay men had given an interview about the level of shamefulness they felt and that still exists today. They said it was very hard for them to disclose their sexuality in such environment. Before ‘ Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ‘ rule there was no any rule.

There was straight-forward rule like ‘never let your car be seen parked near at gay bar’, If you felt like going to gay bar, just get in car and drive from San Diago to LA so that nobody could see you.’

Buzzfeed has interviewed some of the gay military personals about their experience in this video.

Source: attitude.co.uk

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