If You’re Always Late You’re Probably More Creative According To Science

Do you always try to be on time? Are you one of them who usually get “Late again” response? Luckily, Science has an answer to this chronic habit of getting late. Science now says that if you are always late, you are probably more creative.

This is because people who are usually late are more optimistic.


According to author Diana DeLonzer, a management consultant, in a 2007 New York Times interview, people who are chronically late, are not under the impression that your time is less valuable than their own, they are simply more optimistic. Their perception of time is such that they believe they can accomplish a multitude of the task in a very limited time span.

“Most late people have been late all their life, and they are late for every type of activity — good or bad. Surprisingly little scientific research has been done on tardiness, but some experts subscribe to the theory that certain people are hardwired to be late, and that part of the problem may be embedded deep in the lobes of the brain” According to Diana DeLonzer.

Chronically late people are also good at multi-tasking, and their optimistic nature makes them always late.

Research done by San Diego State University said that being chronically late is a trait of Type B people. Type B people are less stressful than their Type A counterparts, more relaxed, and are often found in creative fields (writer, actor/actress, painter), and can adapt quickly to their surroundings.

You being late is nothing but a result of your psychology and personality.


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