Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Won An Oscar, and the Internet Is Going Crazy!

Leonardo Dicaprio has finally won an Oscar for his performance in the film, The Revenant at Oscars 2016Having missed out on four oscar nominations, he won the Oscar for the portrayal of a betrayed 19th-century frontiersman seeking revenge in this movie.

Di Caprio during his award acceptance speech, he warned the world about climate change, a phenomenon he rightly says is caused by human greed. He urged the world to do act now and reverse it before it is too late. He said making The Revenant was “about man’s relationship to the natural world”. “Climate change is real – it is happening right now,” he said. “It is the most urgent threat right now to our entire species and we need to work now.

And this is how Twitter is reacting to this news:

And he’ll probably be celebrating A LOT tonight

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