List of Meaningful Elephant Tattoos Ideas for your inspiration

Elephant tattoos serve as a decorative adornment and personify loyalty, strength, wisdom and long life. Another significant figure is Hindu deity Ganesha, which is depicted with the elephant head and human’s body. It brings good luck, happiness and moves obstacles.

So, if you need a memorable elephant pattern, choose the most appealing elephant tattoos with meaning from this list!

#1 A mother elephant leads her young

A mother elephant leads her young in this neck tattoo that symbolizes loyalty, motherhood, and leadership.


#4 Indian elephant image on the hand


#5 Beautiful Elephant Tattoo With Symbolic Meanings

In Tibet, Nepal and India, the elephant has long been considered a leading player in creation. The drawing of elephants holding large objects in their trucks symbolize keeping balance and the world in its place.


#6 A bachelor elephant – Symbol of Independence

This realistic Tattoo is a creation of tattoo artist Maui Meherzi. A bachelor elephant is a symbol of independence. Whether worn by a man or a woman, a tattoo of a young elephant symbolizes the strength and courage to go it alone.


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