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  • Canadian Architectural Firm uses Vastu Shastra to Build Houses in Canada

    Recently, a stilted concrete house was built with ample glazing in Britannia Beach, a small town north of Vancouver, Canada. Canadian firm Hunter Office Architecture built this beautiful house in the middle of a forest, and in a close proximity to a river. The thing that makes this building one of a kind in its […]

  • These incredibly creative high heels look like wearable sculptures

    An Israeli Footwear designer, Kobi Levi is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem. Though he is not a sculptor, but his approach of designing footwear is very unique and these high heels look like sculptures. Levi says “In my artistic footwear design, the shoe is my canvas, The trigger […]

  • Collection of 20 Beautifully Designed Free Flat UI Kits for Designers

    Over the past year, use of minimal and flat design in web and mobile design is more common among designers all over the world. Players like Microsoft, Google and now even Apple is digging this design trend. In Flat designs, it is important to use brighter colors that will reduce gradients and shadows. If you […]

  • 10 Very Useful User Experience Tools For Every Designer

    UX designer is responsible for improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product. User research, prototyping design, user testing, and design collaboration skills is needed for every UX designers. Below are some of the best user experience tools that will help improve your design productivity. 1. UsabilityTools […]

  • This Person Knew The Secret No One Knows

    Edward Leedskalnin Edward Leedskalnin was born in Riga, Latvia on August 10th, 1887. When Ed was 26 years old, he became engaged to marry his one true love Agnes Scuffs. Agnes was ten years younger than Ed and he affectionately referred to her as his “Sweet Sixteen.” Agnes canceled the wedding just one day before […]

  • 25 Amazingly Beautiful Buildings Ahead Of Their Time

    Though many historical architectural monuments and buildings challenges modern architects and designers. Modern architecture is also is very amazing, with its unusual design, sharp angles, broken lines, and layers of beautiful glass, modern architecture. Many buildings around the world have such a futuristic appearance that they look CGI like we see in sci-fi movies, but […]

  • Photos of the 10 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

    Photographer  Franck Bohbot captures the photographs of  most beautiful libraries in the world while he travels. Architecture of these beautiful libraries looks amazingly beautiful. Franck  is well known for his composition and colour, and immortalizing every day scenes. Rome – Angelica Library (Biblioteca Angelica) Boston – Boston Public Library (Boston Public Library) Paris – Mazarine Library (Bibliothèque Mazarine) Paris […]

  • Slidefolio – One Page Free Responsive Bootstrap Portfolio Theme

    Slidefolio – One Page Responsive  Free Bootstrap Portfolio Theme [Free Download] Detechter will now offer our readers free resources to download every month starting this month. As our 1st freebie , we have designed one page portfolio theme using Bootstrap 3.0 and various jQuery plugins. This responsive bootstrap theme is fully responsive. Slidefolio is Responsive One […]

  • 5 Useful CSS3 Cheat Sheets For Web Designers

    There are many helpful Cheat Sheets for web designers and developers which are not easy to remember all of them. These cheat sheets are really great time savers for every web designer. CSS3 is the latest edition of this amazing styling language and in this post I have collected 10 most useful cheat sheets for web designers. Click on images to see complete CSS3 Cheat Sheets HTML5 & […]

  • 10 Creative Ways To Use QR Code In Business Card

    Since QR codes were created to read both vertically and horizontally unlike barcodes, which can only read horizontally. Barcodes hold significantly less information than QR codes, which have many features that barcodes do not. Each and every smartphone these days can read QR code easily and smartphone is a need in this current world. This post includes 10 […]

  • 50 Best Examples Of QR Code In Business Card

    QR codes for business cards make it convenient and easy for people to transfer your contact information to their phone for uploading to their computers. Here are some example that might help you to use QR codes on your business cards . What Is QR Code? A QR code is small square barcode-looking code that […]