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  • 5. Apologize to her “I am Sorry”

    6 Things To Say To Your Mom On This Mother’s Day

    We somehow fail to appreciate Mom’s efforts and take her for granted. Although for the endless efforts she makes to keep that smile on her face grows wider, a thank you cannot be expressed in a single day but it’s okay to start the tradition. Make your mom feel extremely adored with these sweet little […]

  • The surprises in store for new mommies

    The new life we have growing inside our body fills us with maternal instincts and love even before the baby arrives, with fair share of drama( read: baby brain, morning sickness, tempers flying: blame the hormones) and eventually the birth of the precious little blessings( again with fair share of labour room chaos, emergency c-sec […]

  • 6 Slightly Unusual Ways to foster Creativity in your Child

    Kids that go on to become very creative were not doing maths or writing poetry since they were a fetus. Yes, genetics does have some part to play but, “they just learn”. Or in fact, we teach them. Every human male or female has the same brain capacity when they are born. It is what […]

  • After Losing The Mother Of His 17 Months Old Son, He Wrote A Powerful Message To ISIS

    Antoine Leiris, is one of the victim of Paris Attack last friday. His wife, 35-year-old hair and makeup artist Helene Muyal-Leiris, was killed in the Paris terrorist attacks on Friday, wrote in a powerful Facebook status yesterday. His wife, was killed in the Bataclan concert hall on Friday, HuffPost France reported Monday. Muyal-Leiris leaves behind her husband and one 17-month-old […]