Mother Writes Touching Letter To Daughter Before Sending Her Off With Adoptive Parents

Amber became pregnant with her third child, and the single mother of two had to make a difficult decision. It’s a decision every mother fears she may have to make one day. Amber had to ask herself: Is this child better off without me?


Pregnant with her little girl Lily, Amber waited until the very last minute to decide to give her to the grateful couple, Erin and Mike.

“She wanted to keep her more than anything in the world.  But being a single mother with two children already her love for Lily had to come first,” says Amber’s grandmother, Beatrice. “She had to be unselfish and had to think of all three of her children. In the last seconds she decided Lily deserved a good home and two parents that would love her.”

Many see adoption as a selfish act , but it is never easy for any mother to admit that her child’s life could be fuller without her in it. In many ways, it is an ultimate act of love. The gesture is as heartbreaking as it is beautiful.

Although Amber will know Lily throughout her life, she won’t be the woman to raise her. Watch as she hands her daughter off and leaves her with a few loving parting words before Lily officially becomes Erin and Mike’s.

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