The surprises in store for new mommies

The new life we have growing inside our body fills us with maternal instincts and love even before the baby arrives, with fair share of drama( read: baby brain, morning sickness, tempers flying: blame the hormones) and eventually the birth of the precious little blessings( again with fair share of labour room chaos, emergency c-sec for some, smooth normal delivery for some). Yet no one you prepares you for the next few days, weeks or months to follow, no matter how much you read up on it. Here are a few surprises in store for mommies as told by the mommies.

1. Postpartum depression- The grave problem very little people talk about yet is the silent killer


2. Sleepless Nights- Babies usually take time getting used to a fixed sleeping time.

3. Cracked Nipples-Ouch that oughta hurt

4. The C talk- Contraception


5. The stretchmarks


 6. The failure to lose baby weight

Celebrity post-baby body reveal that seem so unrealistic But all hail Chrissy Teigen reveal the truth

7. The Unsolicited advise from strangers- Nobody asked


8. Having to listen to your child-free friends talk about the weekend fun- carry on carry on

9. The little bursts of love you feel when your child is peacefully asleep

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