Meet Abu Azrael, the man who killed 1500 ISIS militants

This man is currently fighting ISIS. He is known by many as the Angel of Death.


Ayyub Faleh al-Rubaie, known by his war-name Abu Azrael (“Father of Azrael”) is a commander of the Kataib al-Imam Ali, an Iraqi Shi’a militia group of the Popular Mobilization Forces that is fighting ISIL/ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) in Iraq. He has become a public icon of resisting ISIL in Iraq among Shia Iraqis with a large following on social media. His motto and catchphrase is “illa tahin”, meaning “Grind you to dust”, that is, he would pulverize ISIL militants until nothing remains of them.

He was a former member of Muktadr Al Sadrs Mahdi Army which fought US Forces in Iraq. Now, he is a Commander of a Shia Militia Group. There is a reason this man is called the Angel of Death. Are you ready?

This man has killed 1,500 ISIS Fighters in Iraq, and he won’t stop until they are all dead. He is so intense and edgy, that he struck the body of a dead ISIS soldier with a sword.


Abu Azrael is like Master Chief. He has fought an entire war in Iraq against the US, and fought in the Sallahuddin Campaign. The man fought in the Battle of Tikrit and the Battle of Baiji as well, and still fights to this day.

Abu is mobbed by people the moment he appears anywhere because everyone wants a picture with him. Even on military missions, he will arrive at a base and Iraqi soldiers will surround him looking for a picture. Celebrated by all the allies fighting against ISIS, he didn’t always have it so easy. He first picked up a weapon ten years ago when he was 27 years old. At the time he was regarded as a terrorist by the US and was a wanted man by the American secret services.

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Abu has killed as many militants with his sword and axe as his assault rifle. He is also a Taekwondo Champion.

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