The One-woman Business of Painting The Beautiful Mandala Stones

An Australian artist Elspeth McLean, who currently lives in Canada, creates truly amazing pieces of art that she calls Dotillism. And why so ? Because they are dots after all. Lots of them. She finds perfectly round stones and paints them with hundreds of tiny multicolored dots to make hypnotizing mandalas. She finds this a very beautiful way of documenting her life journey.The artist also believes that such mandalas can soothe your soul and bring inner peace to your mind.

Many many layers of paint! On every part of her painting there is a minimum of 2 layers of paint, and up sometimes 4- even six. This creates the vibrancy. She also applies the dots very thick so they retain their shape and create a 3d affect. Dots used in art can be found in many other cultures in Mexico, Indonesia, Africa and in the European Pointillist Movement which began in 1880.

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Source: elspethmclean.com

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