Samsung is about to launch its magic watch part 2

Samsung seems to be pretty fond of smart watches as displayed in their efforts to launch new ones every six month. Well these new versions look neat but I wonder how much usefulness can be crammed into a watch. They got to be bigger, haven’t they?,  as features keep piling.  Will they turn into a big slab of kit strapped to your forearm in the future?. But hey that would make it a smartphone with belts wouldn’t it?  Anyways lets look at what they got for us this time.


Samsung is about to launch its magic watch part 2

Features Quickie:

  • Two flavors namely Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear 2 neo (difference Gear 2 has a 2 mp camera)
  • Have heart rate sensors
  • Bluetooth speaker connectivity to play music from it
  • Bigger processor (1 Ghz)
  • Run on Tizen operating system
  • Have remote control features
  • Camera is on the watch rather than the strap
  • Faster than the old one
  • Same touch screen size of 320 by 320 pixels and 1.63 inch

They are not out yet but being met with some expectation and bewilderment alike. While the Koreans can still be called pioneers in this front but they have yet to produce the right mix of utility, fashion and technology. Lets hope they don’t disappoint us too much. Looking forward to this. PS. It may come in combo deal with the upcoming Galaxy S5.

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