The Shiva Temple in Western Kenya Where Followers Pray for Wishes

In the nest of Kibigori, Kisumu County of Western Kenya, Kamleshwar Mahadev Temple rests on a remote town but attracts many devotees across the country and the globe to fulfill wishes. The temple is open to app Hindu and devotees fly from different places to honor Shiva ji in this temple. Even though it was only launched recently in 2013 by Kamal Shah and Vaishali Shah of Shrivedant Foundation, there used to be an old Shiva temple in the location that had extreme devotional power in terms of vibration for about 100-years.


The temple consists of statues of Hindu deities besides the major Shivalinga – Ganapati, Hanuman, Parvati, Dattatreya, Ganga ma – each of which was handcrafted by master artisans from Jaipur. The temple hosts the annual Patotsav festival in July, when according to Vaishali, “the energy of the temple is recharged amidst traditional rituals.” During the Shravan month, the temple attracts the largest number of devotees for Maharadurabhishek prayers.


Rajan Zed, the notable Hindu statesman, has commended the efforts of the leaders in the area for realizing the Hindu temple, and for passing the Hindu concepts and philosophies to the modern generation. He also mentions in the article how rather than living a materialistic life, we should also focus on the spiritual part of the world, and work our way towards moksha – the ultimate goal of Hindu dharma.

The temple doesn’t only hosts the spiritual aspect of Hindu dharma. With the backing of the Foundation, the community in the temple also organizes polio vaccination, community lunches, dental camps, food service for 400 kids in need, medical camps, seed donations, training, and so on. The Foundation plans to construct garden around it so that they can organize eye camps along with cataract surgeries.


The temple opens daily for 11 hours, and also hosts priests inside the temple to help the followers in their spiritual path.

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