Do not stop learning whatever your age

You are never too old to learn a new language, skill or concept. Today the internet provides you with almost everything you want to see or know. You just have to ask questions. Here is a list of sites that will help you out and start the new year with a bang.


Do not stop learning whatever your age

highercomputingforeveryone.com – learn to program in C
thechesswebsite.com – a bunch of chess tactics, tutorials, and puzzles
htmldog.com – learn html
codecademy.com – learn to code through interactive lessons
cookingforengineers.com – learn to cook
digital-photography-school.com – learn photography
memrise.com – learn a foreign language
justinguitar.com – guitar video tutorials
livemocha.com – a language learning community
musictheory.net – learn music theory
investopedia.com – learn and practice investing

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