10 Teen Slang to keep parents updated

Well every generation has there share of slangs whose use render them cool and on the other hand have their parents totally confused. Not to worry here we are with few of the best knows slang people use so that you don’t find yourself dumfounded at the next party with your kids. Dope aint it?

1. Dope

Actually yes, “dope” is a reference to marijuana. But it also means seriously great. So if you see this on your kid’s phone, don’t call for an intervention just yet.



GOAT stands for the “greatest of all time.”

3. TBR.


how-rudeTBR means “to be rude,” and is used in the context of “I don’t mean TBR but ….” (a barrage of harsh feelings follow).

4. Peep



Peep can either mean your friends — as in your “people” — or to look at or listen to something.

5. Netflix and chill.



No, it’s not that innocent. It’s shorthand for hooking up.

6. Ship


Ship is short for “relationship.

7. Bae

Used as a term of endearment, many mistakenly think it’s a derivative of “babe” or “baby.”

8. Snatched


SnatchedSnatched is the new fleek. It’s used to describe anything that looks really good or on point.

9. Stan

Stan is the Internet’s word for a hardcore fan. It comes from the Eminem song Stan, which is about an obsessed fan.

10. OTP

OTP stands for One True Pairing. Your OTP is a couple you are emotionally invested in.


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