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7 Most Interesting Things to Buy Online

There are things being sold on the internet that you might not have imagined let alone seen. And in many cases they are not even tech related. So here we go with a bunch of 7 really cool ones to get online in 2016.

1. Wooden Watch

Well, it doesn’t get greener than this. Behold…the wooden watch. I mean is it even possible. I want one.

2. Smartphone Breathalyzer

An awesome after-party trick to save your bottom.

3. Virtual Reality Cardboard Box by Google

A cheap fix to 3D needs.

4. 3D Printer

You can probably make some of the items in this list using a 3D printer.

5. Deglon Nested Knives

One for the vegetable ninjas out there.

A block of knives
6. USB Beverage Cooler

Definitely handy.

7. Two wheel self balancing electric scooter

How does it go forward ? Just lean forward.


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