Panono is a toss-able sphere of cameras that takes amazing panoramic photos

The Panono camera ball takes 360 degree photographs when it is thrown in the air. Lofty price aside, the Panono is a different kind of 360-degree camera to say the least. The grapefruit-sized tech is covered with 36 cameras, each 3-megapixel, which all fire off simultaneously when the shutter button is activated. Software then stitches all 36 images into a single 108-megapixel photo, which is then viewable in 360-degrees either on your smartphone or on the web.

President and co-founder Jonas Pfeil’s demonstration of the gadget in CES 2014 was said to be one of the coolest.


The Panono 360° Camera is the only one of its kind in the field of panoramic photography. Its outstanding image quality allows a high zoom level and extra-high resolution. Thanks to HDR (beta), it provides detailed and attractive colour images, even in the case of motifs with extreme differences in brightness, making it the ideal camera for professional use – for example, for daily news coverage. The Panono comes with 16GB of internal storage (there’s no memory card slot for adding more). The company claims the battery is good for taking up to 200 shots.

Panono was able to collect US$ 1.25 Million through crowdfunding at indiegogo and over € 1.6 Million through crowdinvesting at companisto. Pre-orders of the Panono will go for $500. When the ball comes out later this year, it’ll cost around $600.

Source: Panono.com



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