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Meet Brixo – the Lego like building blocks with Electricity and IoT

Brixo blocks are chrome-coated building blocks that act as electric conductors. They interlock to produce complete simple circuits with no wires involved, adding lights, motion and sound to any construction. The blocks are powered by a low voltage built-in battery and coated in chrome, a non-toxic metal, to ensure your safety. This adds another dimension to the already popular ‘building things’ activities for  young and old alike. And you can connect them  to your smartphone.

868f0b572eeb11fb104c5bdf2e3e9eeb_originalBrixo include LED lights, motor blocks and even sound, light and proximity sensors. They’re fully compatible with Lego (also Lego Technic), meaning you can finally make that chunky windmill that starts flashing and rapidly whirring its blades whenever anyone ventures near, scaring the wits out of Lego detractors and making them respect the blocks. Electricity can do wonders to your design.

So far their Kickstarter and Indegogo campaigns have raised more than $1.5m and the first prototypes are out for testing. There is a lot of interest on this to say the least. Brixo should hit the market very soon.

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