Six Must Have Drone Accessories for Adventure Junkies

Drones have become important equipment for adventurers these days – being a solid combination of advanced technology and exclusive programming, they are practically indispensable. The reason why travel has become so exciting is because of the ways in which we share our experiences are also becoming more sophisticated.

Earlier, drones were viewed as an accessory for tech geeks, pro filmmakers, and the military, but the scenario has changed drastically. This tool has become consumer-friendly, especially when it comes to clicking photos and videography. Check out these cool and must-have drone accessories that will help enhance your adventure – take a look:

1. Remote Control Wind Protection

If you need to operate the drone in cold and windy environments, it becomes tough to control during such weather.Use a protective device on your remote control, so flying is easier and quick discharge of the battery is also prevented.

2. Personal GPS Tracker

If you can’t locate your drone, a GPS tracker will come in handy, as you can zero in on its location via web or smartphone app anywhere GSM 2G cellular reception exists. It pinpoints the exact location and can store a year of history.

3. FPV camera kit

When using helicopters and drones, most tend to opt for the FPV. These are basically with cameras that show you and give a real feel of flying a helicopter. It is advisable to get sophisticated cameras to enjoy this experience to the fullest.

4. Logbook

Maintain a detailed record of all your flying missions, regardless of your flying experience. It will be fun to look upon them later and reminisce.

5. Propellers

Since propellers can break easily, you must have spare ones without fail. Always carry extra propellers to use when there are any damages to your current ones. You can buy propellers made with carbon fiber material or heavier ones. Helicopters and drones can hit walls or objects when in speed which is why you should get light-weighted drone accessories.

6. Controller

No drone can function without a good controller. If your controller seems a little uneasy to use, get something, which is firm and compatible with your device. Don’t compromise on quality when it comes to the controller as it is extremely essential.

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Image Credit – Gigaom

Drones can work wonders when it comes to clicking beautiful pictures, such as crashing waves and surfers beyond the break or the sunset from atop a hill. For those ardent about travel photography, these drone accessories can help you realize your passion in an amazing way.

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