These well known photos on the internet have been fooling us for ages

We readily believe in historic photos which get circulated in the internet. Photoshop may have been invented later but believe us, people edited pictures like crazy in the past to suit their needs. These were done sometimes for propaganda and other times to have fun. With whatever primitive tools they had at the time, they were pretty proficient at it. Here are a few extraordinary examples where popular photographs have been edited so well that they look real.

This fake photo of the Mahatma Gandhi went viral

But it actually a product of Photoshop. This is the original photo, where Gandhiji was with Nehru.

George VI erased from photo

To appear more powerful in the eyes of his constituents, Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King had George VI erased from his photo with  Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

Lenin vs. Trotsky

The official picture of a Vladimir Lenin speech. After 1927 it was replaced by a retouched version from which it was removed. Leon Trotsky who had fallen in disgrace. Upper photos are original as below has Trotsky removed from the frame.

Comrade added later

In this famous group photo where William Tecumseh Sherman (center) posing with his generals, there is a person who was not actually present when shooting …
General Francis Preston Blair, Jr.(seated on the right in the photo above) was not present in front of the camera. It was added at a later date, as evidenced by the picture below, in which his place looks empty.

Lincoln Portrait

One of the most famous portraits of Abraham Lincoln is the result of a photo-retouching. The head of the American president was placed on the body of John C. Calhoun, a politician in South Carolina died in 1860.

All women removed from the World Leaders gathering

On 11 January 2015, after the wave of terrorist attacks in Paris, the leaders of 40 countries of the world gathered in the French capital for a march of solidarity. The ultra-Orthodox Israeli newspaper “The Announcer” was accused of having erased with Photoshop all the women politicians who attended the event. In this picture below, the upper photo has only the male leaders …
While in the original photo were present also Federica Mogherini, then EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in addition to the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo.

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Castle rock Ireland

Above picture looks really stunning. It’s rare to see and believe such a castle. This heavily viewed image of a castle on top of a famous tourist island in Thailand turned out to be a hoax and photo-shopped. This image got viral after being shared on social media and Twitter and Facebook did the rest.The image in fact combined Koh Tapu (aka Nail Island aka “James Bond Rock” made famous by “Man with the Golden Gun” 007 movies) and a very nicely integrated selection of Lichtenstein Castle in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany , which resulted in a fairy tale sort of castle.

The Red Army

This is the photo that was published in Soviet newspapers for propaganda purposes. This is one of the iconic images of World War II: the Red Army soldiers waving a Soviet flag in Berlin as a symbol of victory over the Nazis.
However the original photo is a bit different. The photographer has added the smoke to simulate ongoing explosions and removed a watch from the wrist of one of the soldiers.

North Korea Family matter of Kim-Jong

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had his uncle Jang Sung-taek removed from all the official photos after his execution in 2013.

“Man sues wife over ugly children” legend

One picture which we’ve all seen on social media is this one which went viral all around the world. It was the beginning of very sad life for the woman (Heidi Yeh, a Taiwanese model) in this picture, and portrays how social media and false information can affect a person’s life dramatically.
Showing the mother and father of which had both undergone plastic surgery and looked startlingly different from their three kids, the photo recombined with the old “man sues wife over ugly children” legend, which became even more viral now that it was backed by photographic “evidence.” As it was later discovered the portrait was completely staged, and none of the people in it are related. According to Taiwanese news sources, Heidi’s side of the story is that she signed a contract for the photo to be used in a different advertisement. She claims that the plastic surgery clinic stole the image and used it without permission.

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Canadian Sikh, who became the target of an online hate campaign ( Paris attack)

The first image which is fake went viral after the Paris attacks which took place on 13th November 2015. His name is Veerender Jubbal, a Canadian Sikh, who became the target of an online hate campaign after a Spanish newspaper published a photograph of his claiming he was one of the terrorists behind the Paris attacks. He published evidence of the original photograph, which had been edited using photo-editing software to show him carrying a Quran and wearing a suicide vest.

Added Military Efficiency

Iranian missiles being launched, in a 2008 shot that the French Agency France-Press had obtained from the local Se-pah News.
Things however, are not always as they seem: the above shot was photo-shopped. In the following original shot, we see that one of the four missiles did not start.

China National Highway 110 traffic jam

This widely circulated image, supposedly of the longest traffic jam in the world, the China National Highway 110 traffic jam, is actually an image of the I-405 freeway north of Los Angeles, California.

Mao first visited Moscow to join Stalin’s 70th Birthday Party


In 1949 Mao first visited Moscow to join Stalin’s 70th Birthday Party and sign the alliance agreement. But he was humiliated by Stalin intentionally as the latter never treated him equally. When the CCP published the pictures, it intentionally deleted other attendees as to highlight Mao as Stalin’s equal part.

Mubarak was leading Obama, Abbas, and Netanyahu

The biggest national newspaper posted a photo-shopped picture for the president Hosni Mubarak walking in-front of Obama and other leaders as a sign to show that Mubarak was leading Obama, Abbas and Netanyahu. This was quite famous in Egypt in 2010.
However, above was the actual picture.

God transferred a girl into that creature

This used to be scary photo for us around 2003. It was so popular in the newspaper.

The story under this picture was “God transferred a girl into that creature in the picture because she took the Quran from her mother and she threw it on the ground. Later on this picture was actaully of a statue created by an artist called Patricia Piccinini.


 Images of Bill Gates fake daughter

When you search on internet “Bill Gates Daughter” there is a high chance you will find these above photos. This became one of the most circulated chain mail hoax. These mails with subject “The Best Product of Microsoft” originated as early as 2007-2008 when Bill Gates real daughter Jennifer Gates was only 11-12 years old (born in 1996). Below is a picture of his real daughter taken from this daily mail article from March 2012.

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Kurdish lady Soldier who killed more than 100 Islamic Fighters

Many of us believed it until truth was revealed.This image of a Kurdish female that went viral on Facebook claimed that she was a Kurdish Soldier who killed more than 100 Islamic Fighters.

Reality: A Swedish journalist who met this woman later confirmed that she was actually a former law student who volunteered with the home guard or police force of Kobane, and isn’t a front-line fighter. Therefore it’s unlikely she’s killed huge numbers of the enemy.

JFK and Marilyn Monroe’s affair

When in actuality, these were products of a photo-shoot done by Alison Jackson, who is famous for shooting photographs using lookalike models.

John Lennon having a jamming session with Che Guevara, right?

Above photo is totally fake guys, this is the actual photo where Lennon was jamming with Wayne Gabriel.

Honorable Indian prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi sweeping the floor

This may not look very real but it sure went viral in India.


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