They Started Bullying This Little Girl Until These Strangers Stepped In

Have you ever been bullied? If you haven’t, there’s a good chance someone you love has been. Approximately 1 in 3 kids experience bullying growing up, and few things can be as detrimental to a kid’s self-esteem. In this video, we see two girls bullying a younger girl. The strangers’ responses may surprise you.

We may not always see it, but bullying is a huge problem, especially for school-aged children. At the beginning of the video, we see three young girls sitting at a bus stop. The girls to the left are slightly older than the one with the flower headband, and they exchange some very unkind words.

They say things like, “didn’t you audition for the musical? People told me that you sounded like a dying pig.” Ouch. Seems a little outrageous, but millions of children face the same crushing insults on a daily basis. Luckily for the little girl, some kind strangers are nearby to come to her aid.

The social experiment provided some heartwarming results.

People, like the woman on the right, rescued the girl from her bullies and made her feel safe and welcome. The girl joins the woman on her bench, and the woman promptly compliments her backpack.bully-students-video

Rob Bliss Creative has released an eye-opening PSA that highlights the dangers of bullying while reminding us that we are capable of stopping it. If you or someone you know is being bullied, do not hesitate to seek help. This can be tough since bullies create a feeling of powerlessness, pressuring you to stay silent or else things will get worse. Don’t listen to them. Always remember that you are powerful and you are loved. While we may not be able to eliminate bullying at the national level, we can change how we interact with those around us every day. Here are some useful tips for dealing with bullying in your community.

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