Things Vastu Sashtra tells us to follow inside our house

We all have been dreaming of buying a house that’s best suited for our personality. Some of us have achieved that dream. Some are luxurious, some are minimalistic, some are functional. But what’s important is the ‘Vastu Shastra’ of the house, which is necessary to keep the negative energy away, and live peacefully with all the family members.

The science is that a house with bad Vastu Shastra brings negativity in the house, and as a consequence, there are lots of mental, physical, family, career related problems hovering around the members. These simple tips can be very useful to improve your house’s Vastu Sashtra.

Have you been following these Vastu Sastras in your home?

(Before that, just to make an important note. You need to have a pooja Ghar in your house, and it should be on the north-east side, with every deity facing towards to west, and the person performing the pooja faces towards the east.)

1. Bedroom

Your bedroom must be at the southern or the south-western part of the house, and the bed should be placed in such a way that the person sleeping faces his head towards the south with his feet facing the north. The Hindu science is that Lord Kubera showers prosperity in this position.

2. Sitting Room / Living Hall

It’s an important part of the room, and thus, should be in the northern side of the house. The door should be facing either north or north0east. The furniture should be facing towards the south and the west. Keeping the room open in the northern side is good for vashtu sashtra.

3. Bathroom & Toilet

It can be either in the north, the east or the north-east direction. The north-east direction is most favored for prosperity, the eastern direction is favored for physical well-being along with prosperity, southeast direction, however, is not good for the lady of the house in terms of health.

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The south-east direction is the most favored for constructing toilets in the house. West can also be used. But it’s not good at all to have toilets in the north, east or the north-east direction.

4. Kitchen

The best direction is to the southeast for the kitchen. Things like stoves should be facing the southeast direction and should be such that, the person utilizing the kitchen appliances for cooking faces towards east.

5. Dining Room

Dining rooms are best at the west direction, and the seating should be such that the family members eating food should face the east. It is not favored to sit roundly across the table for peace and contention.

6. Veranda

East and west directions are ideal for verandas. Compared to the height of other rooms, it should be short.

7. Wash Basin

It is better to have wash basin (used for purposes of cleaning, washing, shaving) facing either east or the north.

8. Godown

If there are any godowns that are stocked for food and grains, then it is better to have them at the northwest of the house. Anything not used can also be stored in this room, especially metallic objects.

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