Vastu Shastra – Things you should or shouldn’t keep in your pocket

According to Vastu Shastra, there are certain things you should or should not keep in your pocket in order to benefit your financial status. There are certain things that if you put on your pocket will bring the wrath of Goddess Lakshmi while some things will attract more money and wealth.

Things you should keep in your pocket

1. Brass and silver objects


Brass or silver objects like coins bring good energy in you. It is considered auspicious for gaining wealth and money.

2. Peepal Leaf

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It is a very good idea to keep peepal leaf in your pocket as it attracts blessing from this tree and makes you healthy and prosperous.

3. Picture of Goddess Lakshmi

It is wildly believed that keeping pictures of Goddess Lakshmi specifically with her in sitting position in a lotus and with two elephants brings prosperity to your life.

4. Lotus roots


Like that of the picture, keeping lotus roots also brings prosperity and good spirit. The Vaastu energy flow maintains your good health and brings opulence to your life.

5. Sea shells


Sea shells contain all the energy from the universe. For that reason, it is considered auspicious to keep sea shells always in your pocket. It disperses negative energy and provides relief from stress that will help you with good decision making, intuition, sensitivity, imagination, and adaptability.

6. Gomti Chakra


Gomti chakra in two promotes good health, happiness, and wealth for you. It pleases Goddess Lakshmi and benefits people with ‘Naga Dosha’, ‘Vaastu Dosha’ and ‘Sarpa Dosha’ in their horoscope. Carry 3 Gomati chakras in your pocket when you attend some interviews and some key business deals to get success.

7. Rice

Keep 21 grains of rice in your pocket or wallet making a small packet with a paper. This will reduce the unwanted expenditure of money.

8. Shree Yantra


Shree Yantra is a holy instrument which has a connection with Goddess Lakshmi and has all the nine energies contained. Keeping Shree Yantra in your pocket helps you get rid of impurities and attain a pure state of mind. It helps in attaining wealth, fortune, and overall prosperity in your life by clearing all the obstacles.

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Things you should not keep in your pocket

1. Old Bills

Remove stagnant energy by keeping your pocket free of clutters like old bills, receipts, credit card bills and anything that represents debt or spending money. Done this will bring free energy in.

2. Provocative Pictures

Avoid pictures like dead peoples snaps, porn, horror or anything that provokes you in bad direction. Such pictures affect your mind and attract negative energy.

3. Torn Wallet

A torn or damaged wallet makes you lose money as goes with the second-hand wallet. Using other’s wallet brings the luck of the previous owner with it and you might not know if it is good or bad. So only put the new wallet in your pocket and if possible packed with money because it is the symbol of abundance. Avoid empty wallet.

4. Scribbled Notes

Avoid scribbled notes, old name cards, expired membership cards, or any kind of unnecessary papers in your pocket. Useless notes bring your mind back to an old frustrated situation that hampers you to move forward. Staying organized and clean brings good vibes and energy to you.

5. Uneven Notes

It’s hard to manage but it’s always better to keep money in a proper way. Avoid curls and if possible uneven notes. Tidiness always attracts wealth.

6. Snacks

Avoid the habit of keeping junk or snacks in your pocket. This is the sign of laziness or carelessness. Positive energy is a means of enthusiasm so avoid negative energy doing this and bring a free flow of positive energy in.

7. Medicines

Medicines in your pocket remind you of sickness every time. This attracts negative energy in you. If important manage it in the proper place.

8. Sharp Weapons

Sharp weapons deal with uneven proudness. It is a sign of negative energy flow on you and your decisions mislead. So it is better to avoid sharp weapons like knife, nail cutter etc in your pocket.

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