Krishna markings on your body are sign of good luck!

Lord Krishna is the God of love, compassion, and tenderness. He always taught the lesson of karma and is known to have devised the Bhagwad Gita. It is believed that he had special markings in his body and the marking is known to be Krishna Marking. If you possess any of these should bring happiness and prosperity in your life.

  1. Half Moon – Lord Krishna had this sign on his feet. It is said that you will do very good in your career if you have this marking in your body.
  2. Fish Sign – Krishna had this sign in both palm and feet. Fish is said to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and will bring prestige in your life.
  3. Shankha – This sign brings great success and prosperity if you have this in your body. Krishna had this on his feet.
  4. Bow and Arrow – This sign means that you will be victorious in any kind of hazardous situation and even if you are in a low situation, you will excel to a high position in the matter of time.
  5. Triangle – This sign is the sign of fortune where you will be very rich in life. This sign also indicates your orating power to charm people around you and to get success very soon.
  6. Kalash sign – This sign refers to religious inclination and that if you have this on your feet you will do well spiritually and gain respect from people around you.
  7. Chakra sign – This sign on the feet means you will do very good in traveling. You will travel many places and may be able to settle abroad in more fortunate place. You will also have helpful nature to attract other people around you.
  8. Swastik sign – This sign helps you financially which remarks that you will be very rich and wealthy.
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