The unsolved Mystery of Nidhivan in Vrindavan that will give you chills

Vrindavan is the land of love as here resided Lord Krishna during his infant days. Another aspect which makes the grounds of Vrindavan completely drenched in love, and care, is the affection between Lord Krishna and Radha. The temples here are dedicated to the duo whose love in the purest form, touched the spiritual heights. One of the sacred places in Vrindavan is Nidhivan which has always been in highlights of some mysterious happenings. Let’s unfurl the mystery of Vrindavan’s Nidhivan for you.

What is so peculiar about the place – Nidhivan?

The devotees and locals believe that Lord Krishna visits the place to perform Rasleela in the laps of the night.The divine dance takes place between Lord Krishna, Radhaji, and his Gopinis.

the mystery of vrindavan's nidhivan

Any proofs stating the spiritual act to be true?

1. Rang Mahal

The holy garden has a small room in which a bed of sandalwood is prepared for Lord Krishna on daily basis. A silver glass of water, along with leaves of Pan is kept beside the bed. As the doors are opened in the morning, the priests find an empty glass of water, pan leftovers, and the bed in a condition as if someone has slept in it. Did it give you chills? Well, read further!

mystery of vrindavan's nidhivan

2. The Uniqueness of Trees and Tulsi

What makes them so unusual is their shape. Naturally, the branches grow upwards but here they tend to grow downwards. The trees are short and have entangled trunks. Also, the Tulsi here grows in pairs. It is believed that these plants turn into Gopis and get indulged into the divine dance during the nightfall.

mystery of vrindavan's nidhivan

Why to vacant the holy garden as the dusk takes over?

After the evening Arti, the devotees are asked to vacate the place. It is believed that if anybody witnesses the divine happening that person suffers either of these health problems Blindless, Dumbness or Madness.

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Following the proverb of Precaution is Better than Cure, the people living nearby have permanently closed their windows by bricks so that even if they wish to witness it they aren’t able to.

mystery of vrindavan's nidhivan

Vrindavan indeed proves to be The LAND OF LORD!

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