This New Auto Follow Camera Drone is Super Easy To Fly

The trend of auto-follow camera drones is growing these days. With increasing number of auto follow drones and demand in the market companies are trying to add more features. We see many auto follow drones will hit the market. Lily, a camera drone which is about to hit the market this year have a new amazing feature on it. You can turn on and simply throw it on the air to start following you.


Lily drone is like a flying camera which can capture amazing footage in full HD. Camera in this auto follow drone have all the tech specs of most of the action camera in the market. Lily offers HD 1080p video at 60fps and 720p slow-mo video at 120fps.

The technology lies within the bond between Lily and its hockey puck tracking device. Using multiple built-in sensors such as an accelerometer, three-axis Gyro, magnetometer, barometer, GPS, front-facing camera, bottom-facing camera, Lily can fly autonomously in high winds, rain, or shine. The including tracking device is to be carried or worn by the user using a waterproof wristband. Lily and the tracking device communicate with each other and make sure you, the user, are in the shot. An internal microphone within the tracking device records audio and it automatically syncs with the video playback.


A smartphone companion app provides you with data such as drone/tracking device battery life and low-resolution streaming (perfect for setting up your shots). You can also use the app to control Lily’s after-takeoff behavior, adjust the camera’s settings, and share your footage.

Other interesting hardware features and capabilities include a waterproof (up to a meter underwater) and floatable housing, a 20-minute battery (2 hour charge time), a max speed of 25mph, a max altitude of 50ft above a user, a max distance of 100ft, digital gimbaling, and image stabilization.

Lily is currently available for pre-order for $499, but will bump up to $999 after June 15. It’s ready right out of the box and spare parts will be available on Lily’s website.

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