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10 Simple But Genius Ideas That Will Amaze You

There are many genius but simple products out there that will make things easier and more fun. Looking at these products we can think that an idea is too silly to bring to market but sometimes, simple ideas are the best ones. Check out the collection of such simple but genius products here in this post.

10 Simple But Genius Ideas That Will Amaze You

Goggles Umbrella

goggles umbrella

Portable Egg Cooker

electric boiled egg cooker

Portable Chair and Bag

portable chair and bag

Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

sauce dispensing chopsticks

Poolside Rock Climbing Wall

rock climbing pool wall

Phone Holder

phone holder

Melon Slicer

melon slicer

Smartphone Keyboard

smartphone keyboard

Table Leg Plug Socket

table leg plug socket

Ciclotte Exercise Bike

ciclotte exercise bike

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