This New Scenic Highway in China Is Completely Over Water

We love incredible engineering like this new motorway in China that is completely built over water. The road connects Xingshang County to the Zhaojun Bridge in central China’s Hubei province. The 6.8-miles-long route is built on top of an elevated bridge that runs along the middle of a river valley.

This stunning piece of engineering cuts an hour’s journey to just 20 minutes and provides great views along this scenic route.

Engineers on the project wanted to protect the abundance of plants and woodland in the mountains so decided to build the third route.


 6.8 mile road is built on top of a bridge and follows the curve of river valley


It officially opened on August 9 and has been dubbed ‘over-water highway’


Incredible images of the new road shows that drivers are literally travelling over water as it is built on a bridge


Two of the routes involved digging a tunnel through the mountains in the area. The third was a longer route and involved building on water.


It will cut down travel time from Xingshan to G42 to just 20 minutes – this was previously around an hour


h/t DailyMail

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