Zappos Surprises Town Of Hanover With Secret Santa Gift Boxes

The thought of someone sneaking around your front porch with a mysterious box would probably makes you uneasy, but remember — it’s the holidays. A little sneakiness is in order to get the most out of this time of the year. When Zappos thought of doing something nice for their customers, they looked into which town shopped there the most. They discovered the folks in Hanover, New Hampshire were huge fans of the clothing and shoe store.

In their latest ad, a giant truck full of boxes of Zappos products like shoes, headphones, coats, and bags drove to Hanover. Employees carefully placed the boxes on the doorsteps of families in the neighborhood. Then they played a little bit of ding dong ditch as they carefully scampered away. The people open the boxes and are completely stunned. It’s one thing when a generous person plays secret santa, it’s another when an entire company does it. It’s clear that it’s not just about what was in the box for the excited recipients, so much as it is that anyone thought to do this for them.

See the amazing moments these folks get a bit of an early Christmas surprise! Please SHARE if you wish every company did this!

Source – Littlethings.com

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