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  • Different Hindu Gods to worship on different days through the week

    The Sanatana Dharma believes on putting a different face on a form of God. Various forms of God are given a particular day for reverence. Also, a follower can appease to certain dosh in his stars through diligent puja and devotion to the God on particular days. Here are the Gods worshiped through the week. […]

  • 8 Avatars Of Lord Ganesha To Destroy The Evil

    Lord Ganesha is said to be the “God of the Beginning”. Be it any ritual or any new beginnings, nothing starts without the worship of Lord Ganesha. Ganesha has also time and again taken different incarnations to save the world from evil. According to religious history and findings, Lord Ganesha took many different avatars to […]

  • Most Interesting Facts About Lord Ganesha You May Not Know

    The head of the lord Ganesha symbolizes the aatma or the soul, which is considered the ultimate reality of humanity and his human body symbolizes Maya, the trappings of earthly existence. It is believed that the sage Vyasa requested Lord Ganesha to write the Mahabharata as he recited it. He decided to do it after […]

  • Why does Lord Shiva Wear Tiger Skin?

    If we picture Lord Shiva, we imagine him with his Trishul, with his draped hair, and wearing tiger skin and snakes as Necklace. It’s almost unique in compared to other gods. There’s a legend behind his dressing, however. Why Lord Shiva Wears Tiger Skin? The story has it that Lord Shiva wandered around the forest […]

  • 5 Lesser Known Hindu Gods And Their Significance

    The God of Oceans – Varuna Varuna the God of Oceans is said to be the son of the sage Kashyapa. He rides the monster fish called Makara, which has the head and legs of an antelope. Varuna is a fair-complexioned man, and may have two to four hands and in one of his right […]

  • Three Most Powerful Weapons Used by Hindu Gods

    It was a matter of awe and surprise as we watched the characters in Mahabharat and Ramayana use endless arrows from their quiver or summon deadly weapons by word of mouth. Rama, Arjuna, Ravana had special Astra or weapon given to them by the God they managed to please. Here is a list of weapon […]

  • Here Is The Reason Why Hindu Gods Have Multiple Arms and Heads

    In Hinduism, Deities are often depicted with multiple arms. These arms become visible when they are battling with cosmic forces. The pictorial representation of Hindu Gods having multiple arms in the human form is the artist’s attempt to express the supreme powers of Gods. It shows their immense strength and power to perform numerous acts […]

  • Did You Know The Significance Of Fasting On These Days?

    People from all over the world, of various religions and beliefs, have observed a period of fasting in their life, for instance, Ramadan in Islam and Shravan in Hinduism. Besides, many Hindus observe fast all year round on specific days of the week, depending on their beliefs. Significance of Fasting on Monday People fast for […]

  • 12 Reasons why Hinduism is the most tolerant religion

    Compared to other religions across the world, Hinduism is said to be the most tolerant one. The trademark of Hinduism is “Tolerance in abundance”. It’s because Hinduism preaches “acceptance of all faiths”. There will only be intolerance if there is a conflict in views. Hindus are known to be the follower of Santana-dharma. Sanatana refers […]

  • Here is What You Should Know About 330 Million Gods in Hinduism

    Numerous times have we heard gurus, elders utter this sentence, 33 Koti gods of Hindus. In a simple sense, they could be talking about 330 million gods in Hinduism, or 33 crore gods, since Koti means crore. But if we dig deeper into Sanskrit and Vedas, Koti means type, not crore. So basically we are talking […]