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  • Amazing Health Benefits of Guava Leaves You May Not Know

    In most tropical countries, guava leaves are used for traditional medicines since it contains a number of useful substances, which includes antioxidants (like Vitamin C) and flavonoids (like quercetin). Mostly, guava leaves are soaked in hot water to serve it as a tea. This has several health benefits like treating diarrhea, lowering cholesterol and preventing […]

  • Health Benefits of Neem plant you probably didn’t know

    For many of us Asians, being ridiculed by¬†Western textbooks and scientists us for our beliefs and traditions has now come to an end. With the latest researchers, they have found the importance of plants and herbs and have even resorted to patenting them. One of such important plants is NEEM. Neem leaves have an important […]

  • The Craze in Asia of the Half animal Half plant herb called Yarsagumba

    Ophiocordyceps sinensis is a fungus that parasitizes larvae of ghost moths and produces a fruiting body valued as a herbal remedy found in mountainous regions of India, Nepal and Tibet. It can cost as much as $100 per gram in the market. So Yarsagumba hunting has become a lucrative business in the hills and mountains […]

  • NASA’s Guide on Air-Filtering Houseplants for your Home

    One benefit (probably the biggest one for humans) of having plants in your home is their ability to replace toxins in the air with 100% pure indispensable oxygen. Cleaning products, new carpets, kitchen stove, candles etc are the common culprits of the household. Outdoor pollution is a bigger headache altogether. Houseplants are not something you […]