10 Interesting Khukri facts from Nepal that you probably don’t know

It is safe to predict that Khukri is going to be the most sold knife within the next 10 years. The reason for it is simple. It is very versatile. Many western knife manufacturers are already producing Khukri like knives or planning to do so. If you haven’t heard about a Khukri yet, here is a detailed wiki.

It is actually pronounced Khukuri in Nepal. The British called it Khukri and then it stuck. The Brits have to be credited for allowing the mightly Gurkha soldiers to carry it and letting the rest of the world know. So here we go with the 10 Interesting Khukri facts from Nepal that you may not have heard of.


1. There is at least one Khukri in almost every household in Nepal even today.

2. The Khukris that people normally own in Nepal are smaller than the ones sold in the international market. I think there is a fascination for zombie killers and fearsome looking objects with people in the west.

3. Although versatile, a household normally has more than one Khukri for various purposes. For example, a bigger one is used for sacrificial purposes. And a rather small and slender one for peeling and handicraft works. These days though, families only in the villages or suburbs have multiple knives.

4. About 50 years back, every other man carried a Khukri on the waist. Normally a long white/cream cloth was used as a belt. People also used army issued belts (or copies) for this purpose.

5. There is a saying that the one you use for sacrificial purposes should not be unsheathed unless required. Because once it is out, it is said it looks for blood. These are normally stored in the room where you worship or hung or hidden away in a corner.

6. Khukris have always been made by a specific caste called Kami. It translates to ‘iron worker’. They are considered lower caste and are discriminated against even to this day. Let us hope the Khukri boom teaches others a lesson.

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7. About 20 years back there used to be a wooden revolver Khukri that was popular as a decorative item in Nepal. When you pull the trigger the front of the gun would pop out revealing the little Khukri inside. Another indirect message, I guess, that proves the Nepalese consider a Khukri more powerful than a gun.


8. Despite being a household utility item, a Khukri is considered a dangerous weapon in Nepal. This is because it shows itself in escalated bar fights, petty crimes and many criminal activities.

9. A long slender Khukri is used to behead a 500 pound water buffalo clean in religious ceremonies. You only get one go at this, otherwise the year ahead would be less than favourable for you.

10. There is a rum which is very popular outside the country and it comes in a bottle that is shaped like a Khukri.





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