15 Funny Valentines Day Card For A Partner With sense of Humour

With the commencement of the month February, Love (or the pressure of Valentines day) is definitely in the air. Flowers, Chocolates, expensive dates , all seem incomplete without a card that does all the talking(and your credit card but we’ll save that for later). A card that says what words cant convey. While a mushy hallmark card does the trick for some, others require a rather different approach. Here is a list of card ideas for the nerdy, funny partner.

1. For the Star Wars Fan:

Rarely you come across a person who does not like Star Wars. Interesting, Is it Not?

2.  For the Harry Potter Nerd:

The Harry potter Generation goes strong, Quidditch-cally

3. For the LOTR fans:

Isnt it precious?

4. The card of Ice and Fire:


5. For the Science Nerds:


5. For the computer Geeks:

6. For the Sarcastic ones:

No Kidding

7. For the Honest ones:


8. For the Smelly ones:

9. For the Brutally honest times:

Enjoy Your Valentines Day with these cards for a good laugh and a whole lot of i care so much about you!

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