20 Biggest Lessons to be Learnt to Survive in the Corporate World

In Corporate world, Sometimes, no matter how well you do your job, things don’t always work out the way you want them to. Your colleagues can mistake you for competition and bring you into situations that you never wanted to be. Here are some tips for surviving the corporate world. These may not be everything you need to know, but they’ll come in handy for dealing with your colleagues and managers.

1.It pays to be nice

Not to be smart. No one likes a smart-ass. It gets you nowhere.OPENForum-Random-Acts-of-Kindness-at-Work

2. Be nice to people on the way up

Or it is real shitty on the way down

3. Don’t hire/do business with friends

Don’t hire employees or friends.It mostly ends badly. Hire people who believe in the vision and want to partner because it makes them feel alive to be apart of something bigger than them or us.Never forget that relationships in business should be business relationships.  You may have a friend or lover at work, but the relationship will end the moment the opportunity to advance in the business is placed between you and your friend or lover.  By the way,  keep romance outside of the workplace.business-and-friends-don-t-mix-1

4. You know those people you find annoying?

Don’t tell anybody about those people

5. Don’t criticize work or anyone in the hallways and doorways

Someone is always listening …


6. Politics exist

Understand that politics is a fact of corporate life, and learn to deal with it.  That means you take the time to understand the views of the people involved in corporate conflicts, as well as the conflicts themselves.  There will be times when you have to choose between being in the right or being employed.  It’s your choice. So play the game. Attend some events. Brush some shoulders

7. Make your boss look and feel good

He’s the one that will promote you. Not your colleague.Understand what your boss regards as a priority, and help him or she accomplish it.  Make sure that you document what you’ve done.  Your boss needs the accomplishment, but shouldn’t get the credit for the work you’ve done.1401166048

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8. Document your learning. Document your wins

It’ll help as you move forward

9. Train another to do your job.

In the months, you look to move forward.  You won’t be able to get a promotion if there’s no one else to take your job.mentor

10. Be reliable

Do what you say you will do. It will be remembered. Make your word your bond. Contracts are important but your word is more so. Let your yes mean yes and no mean no always. The spirit of the deal is just as important as the words of the deal. Never dishonor yourself.

11. Make friends with secretaries; PA’s and all

They will get you out of holes and tight spots one day

12. Don’t look worried

Ever. Leaders look ‘cool’ in the face of pressureiStock_000021669516Medium-1024x682

13. Assume a ‘cloak’ of leadership in tough times

Subtly. People will notice

14. When emotional

Take a moment. Then speak/send that email/text

15. There is no such thing as compartmentalizing ethics.

You can not cheat on your wife or taxes but be honest and trustworthy at the office. Fix your character flaws. We all have them. Master them or they will master you.
Make your weakness your strength.

16.  Everything communicates.

How you dress, how you stand, how you speak, etc.  If you want to succeed in a corporate environment, you have to communicate that you are the kind of employee that represents the corporate success story.make_your_boss_look_good

17. Don’t Confuse your Identity

It’s a mistake to confuse your personal identity with your employment.  If and when you’re sacked, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out who you are.   Have a life outside a corporate life.

18. Build connections

Both managers and leaders know their job with their teams is about building lots of connections. They make people feel they have a stake in common problems.

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19. Encourage feedback

It is vital that you let your team know you are interested and will listen to their concerns and ideas and contribute to solutions to any and all problems.feedback_vp

20. Offer recognition and always share success

Focus on building team confidence by publicly recognizing their efforts and achievements. Think of it this way; anything is possible if you share the glory. Giving others a chance to claim credit is an easy, and effective, way to magnify results.Capture

Always remember, Corporate offices are not democracies, not charities, and not therapy centers.  They exist to make money, and they hired you to help them make money.  That’s the deal.Keep that in mind every day, keep your emotions in check, do your job, and if you find you don’t like working there anymore, don’t complain – just keep it professional, and move on.

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