5 Foods You Should Stop Eating At Breakfast Immediately

An old saying ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’ has indeed become a Universal fact. We all know this but still, we go on eating foods that literally have no nutritional value. By following this kind of routine, you are spoiling your entire day and this might have an impact on your health as well.

So, mentioned below are some foods that we consider should not be a part of your everyday breakfast because of their low nutritional value. Therefore, these foods should be avoided at least in the breakfast to have a great day ahead:

1. Low Fiber Cereals

Sugary cereals that are marketed by commercials daily are not at all nutritious breakfast. These are high in sugar & carbohydrates and low in fiber. It just increases your body weight and never tames your hunger pangs. Eating cereal that is low in fiber and high in carbs won’t keep you full until the lunchtime.

2. Smoothies

Okay, so most of you might think smoothies are good for breakfast, right? No, never! Smoothies are made with high-fat milk and sometimes, ice cream as well. Smoothies, though taste yummy, are made with full-fat milk along with no nutrient content. So, if you consume smoothie as breakfast then by the time clock struck 11 am, your hand will be searching for the jar of cookies or chocolates.

3. Protein Bars

Protein bars are a ready-to-go option for workaholics. They often use it as a substitute for their breakfast. Blame it on the commercials as they are the one that claims that protein bars are a healthy fix for breakfast. A protein bar is packed with dried fruits of course, but we can’t ignore that it contains the same amount of sugar. This will again make your hunger breakout, make you moody and irritated.

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4. Take-Out Breakfast Sandwich

Sandwiches are full of fats but we have veggies to balance out the fats so that sandwiches may seem to be a better breakfast alternative. Of course, it’s got protein, but what about the oily, fried, processed patties that are sandwiched between the bread that doesn’t have any fiber? No fiber means you’ll be welcomed by rumbling stomach way before your lunch hour.

5. Breakfast Pastries

Bagels, Danish, Donuts have all considered as breakfast pastries that all of us reach out early morning in the name of breakfast. Once we start gulping them, we don’t stop at one or two pieces because of the fact that we are hungry and they are extremely delicious. This leads to overloading the carbs intake. I’m not saying to totally give up on these pastries but try to make it an occasional breakfast, say on weekends. Avoid it as a weekday breakfast.

It is always good to have a healthy and balanced diet for breakfast. Well, we are not asking you to stop eating any of your favorite food; we are just asking you get more aware of your health. Here’s to healthy living!

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