6 Life Lessons To Learn From Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is considered as the supreme deity by many Hindu communities. In mythological stories, he was often portrayed as a God-child, prankster, an ideal lover and divine hero who flaunted a mesmerizing persona. During Lord Vishnu’s avatar as Lord Krishna, he gave numerous lessons to the mankind. People who are struggling and seeking goodness should learn a few lessons from Lord Krishna on how to be a perfect human being.

Here are 6 amazing qualities which we gathered from the illustrious life of Lord Krishna.

1. Never give up what you love

Lord Krishna, with a country to rule, war to fight, demons to conquer and through various other struggles, still successfully managed to inculcate the music he loved into his life. He never let his passion for music take a back seat on account of his other commitments. He thoroughly enjoyed playing his flute, mesmerizing everyone with lively tunes.

2. Be a True Friend

In this cruel world of competition, relationships always take a backseat. But the story of Lord Krishna on how he valued his friendship with a lot of love and genuine affection gives you some major friendship goals.

Once Lord Krishna’s childhood friend, Sudama visited him hoping to ask for some help. Sudhamawas a poor man, whose family could hardly make ends meet. While meeting Krishna, Sudama wished to give a beautiful present to Krishna but he did not have money to buy. Hence, he gifted him a handful of rice, he had with him. Despite being opulent, Lord Krishna cheerfully accepted it with so much joy as it was a present from his childhood friend. But once after being there, Sudama couldn’t impose his problems on his friend Krishna. On coming back home Sudhama was astonished to see his home as it was transformed into gold and there were all kinds of precious stones and wealth.

Lord Krishna, being the genuine friend, understood Sudhama’s plight even without Sudhama uttering a word. That is the real meaning of friendship.

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3. Be Humble & Generous

Lord Krishna ruled over the splendid Dwarka, a king no less. This Supreme Being during the Kurukshetra war donned the role of a humble charioteer. Lord Krishna was the personification of simplicity and his role as a charioteer is an authentication of the truth. Similarly, one must be humble in their lives. It helps you cultivate genuine relationships with genuine people.

4. Don’t look down on yourself

Don’t ever look down on yourself. Don’t allow what people say about you make you feel inferior. You are unique in your own way. Whenever you instinctively judge yourself, each time you are causing a grave effect to your self-esteem.

5. Always raise your voice and protect women

You must stand up and revolt whenever you see women being objectified, used as materials or being molested. If you remember the story in Mahabharata, Krishna stood for Draupadi when the Kauravas tried to humiliate her in front of the entire court. Her own husbands thought of her as a property they have lost in a game and didn’t move a muscle to protest. It was Krishna who stepped into the scene and presented her with a saree.

6. Duty towards parents

Krishna, as an infant was carted off from his birth parents to a safer place in a small village, Gokula, to secure his security from the evil king Kansa. His parents underwent torture under the hands of Kansa; their lives were steeped in misery. When Lord Krishna reached adulthood and came across the truth about his parents, he gave up his carefree life as a cowherd and risking his own life he defeated Kansa. He liberated his parents from his clutches and did his duty by his parents.

So, though he was notorious, but Lord Krishna’s qualities are enough for a person to become a good one!

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