8 Incredible Facts That Clearly Prove Beards Are Regal

Recall the first time you shaved your beard. You didn’t need a second chance to realize that you looked better with the beard, didn’t you? That’s when you learned – Beard makes you HOTTER and of course, since it is MAN thing, it makes you look more manly. Well, while some of you may disagree with me but truth be told beards are superbly regal. If you don’t believe me, then let the history do the talking!

Here’s the list of EIGHT incredible facts about beards that are sure to make you believe in the sophistication of beards.

1. According to a survey, women found men with beards to have a higher social status. Perhaps, this is why most vampires are clean shaven.

2. Beards have the ability to protect you from pollen or dust allergies. So, beards not just make you hotter but also is your ultimate savior!

3. Beards tend to grow faster if a man has not had sex in a while. Well, this one really gave me second thoughts!

4. If that wasn’t enough, the longest female beard ever recorded was measured at 25.5 cm. Did I get this really get this right?

5. If an average man stopped shaving forever, his beard would grow up to 27.5 feet. Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

6. Beards protect you from UV rays. As per the study done by the University of Southern Queensland, facial hair has the capability to block up to 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Image source – Pixbay.com

7. Back in the seventeenth century, there were certain places in Russia where one had to pay tax to They were taxed for 100 rubles a year for keeping a beard.

8. In ancient Rome, when a family member died, they’d leave their beard unshaven to show grief as grooming was the last thing to be thought. Certainly, Romans made more sense than us.

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