9 Signs That Prove You are an Earth’s Angel

It’s been said that Earth Angels have amazing super powers in Music, Arts, Writing, Healing and Manifesting miracles for others such as controlling weather conditions & becoming invisible at their will. Earth Angels believe in constantly nursing and serving the needs of others. So, they hold on a lot of toxic energy into themselves.

So being an Earth Angel is something which everyone wants to and if you’re one of them then you’re lucky enough!

To know whether you are an Earth’s Angel, you should take a look at these known traits.

  1. You have a graceful and compassionate aura that inspires people. Well, your presence makes everyone happier.
  2. You never judge others but you overdo the “acceptance” bit. So, you tolerate even those who cross the boundaries.
  3. You cannot see anyone suffering or being in pain. You are a constant “rescue” for the needy ones because you want to see everyone happy in this world.
  4. You never believe in conflicts. You surrender before an angry person. You will do everything possible to avoid a conflict. This is because you just want to feel love and happiness around you.
  5. You worry that you always “bother” others. This happens because Earth Angels want their loved ones to always be connected to them. If not, they feel worried and disturbed.
  6. You never ask for help because you are used to helping and serving others.
  7. You tend to be insecure in relationships. If someone is annoyed, an Earth Angel’s first impulse is to go chasing after them, get an assurance that the person is not angry or upset with them.
  8. Be it as a parent or a professional, you are not competitive. Leaving others behind has never been your focal point. This is because you want to see everybody win and get an equal chance to succeed in life.
  9. And lastly, if you have been able to recognize your powers, you can turn invisible while you are physically present. Usually, Earth Angels manage all their tasks in the physical world in a very silent way that people don’t even notice them unless the Earth Angels “want” them to.
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