Benefits of Acai Berry, World’s Most Powerful Antioxidant

Acai Berry is an organic-rich purple palm fruit that originates from Central and South America. This fruit has been harvested for thousands of years and only recently have the western population had access to its benefits.

The fruit itself is grown in Acai palm trees which when harvested contains around 600 berries. Once harvested, the fruit is frozen immediately as its benefits begin to weaken after 24 hours. Acai berry in its natural form is more readily available in local countries, but it is also made into a powder that is used in health supplements and drinks.

Acai Berry has received worldwide acclaim as being one of the most antioxidant foods available on the market. With this has come a wave of fad diets that promise with the use of this supplement alone will help dieters lose weight rapidly. Unfortunately this is NOT the case. Acai Berry is extremely beneficial towards weight loss and health IF combined with a healthy diet.

What are the benefits of Acai Berry?

1. Helps reduce the signs of aging

Large numbers of antioxidant in the berries help fight the signs of aging by minimizing cell damage from free radicals.

2. Great antioxidant and immune system booster

A lot of coffee, saturated fat, alcohol, cigarettes and all other things that we consume on regular daily basis combined with low physical activities create oxidation in our body. Acai Berry’s deep purple pigment, which is similar to other dark berries such as blueberries, is the antioxidant that helps combat this. Body oxidation actually lowers our immune system and is considered one of the main causes of heart disease.

3. Supports weight loss

Acai Berries are packed with vitamins and contain high levels of fatty acids, fibre and amino acids. All of these support and regulate a strong metabolism, burn fat more efficiently and eliminate toxins that contribute towards weight gain.

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4. Contains Monounsaturated fats (MUFAS)

Acai Berries are one of the few fruits, apart from Avocados, that contain MUFAS. MUFAS are beneficial fatty acids that help keep you fuller for longer. The other fatty acids in Acai such as Omega 6 and 9 also help lower cholesterol levels.

5. Aids with digestion

Acai Berries are high in fibre which helps with efficient digestion and the breakdown of food. Higher fibre in your diet also helps you feel fuller for longer. The fibre in Acai also helps suppress appetite and decrease larger meal size consumption.

Acai Berry comes in different forms with the most popular being in a supplement. When choosing an Acai supplement, make sure you check the quantity of Acai as well as the ingredients. Many of the lower budget brands on the market use fillers (Starch, Soya Bean Oil & Caffeine), bulkers and anti-caking agents. The MAIN ingredient should always be Acai.

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