These are the most bizarre, interesting or shocking news so far in 2016

It’s only May but lots have happened already in 2016. Out of the so many interesting stories here we have eight that caught our eyes.

1. Game of Thrones is out and shocking people as usual

Yes. John Snow looks like he is going to get another life. The blind Arya is learning to fight. Sansa is on the run again. My god, there is a bit of everything in the first episode of season 6 Game of Thrones. Don’t be left behind.


2. Entrepreneurs are selling Australia’s fresh air in a can to China


In what may be the most ingenious money-making idea since bottled water, two entrepreneurs have set up a business selling fresh Australian air to China. John Dickinson and Theo Ruygrok are the co-founders of Green and Clean Air, a business based in Australia that puts air in cans and sells it to people struggling with pollution in Asia. They came up with the idea one year ago, after Ruygrok looked at the sky and mused about the difference in air quality when he arrived home from China to Australia. “Wouldn’t it be great if we can take a bit of this air over to China?” he asked Dickinson.

3. 72-year-old man pulled from rubble 2 weeks after Ecuador earthquake

A 72-year-old man has been found alive amid rubble in Ecuador almost two weeks after an earthquake devastated the country on April 16. The man was rescued by Venezuelan rescuers after they were alerted to sounds coming from a partially collapsed building in the town of Jaramijó.


4. Mysterious Creator Of Bitcoin Finally Revealed

Australian tech entrepreneur Craig Wright told the BBC that he was the creator of controversial digital currency bitcoin, but some scepticism remained about the identity of a person who until now has gone by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. The BBC reported on Monday that Wright gave some technical proof demonstrating that he had access to blocks of bitcoins known to have been created by bitcoin‘s creator.

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5. Kate Middleton took these precious new photos of Princess Charlotte

6. Jungle Book roars at US box office


Disney’s The Jungle Book has topped the North American box office for the third consecutive week, taking $42.4m (£29m) according to early estimates. The reboot of the classic Rudyard Kipling adaptation has reaped $684.8m (£468.5m) globally since its release last month.

7. Bodies of Elite Climber Alex Lowe, Cameraman Found in Glacier 16 Years Later

The bodies of Alex Lowe, considered the top mountain climber in the world during the 1990s, and his cameraman have been found in thawing glacier in Tibet 16 years after they were buried in an avalanche, Lowe’s family and charitable foundation said.


Lowe, 40, and cameraman David Bridges, 29, were part of an expedition that set out to film a documentary series for NBC Sports when they were buried under cascades of snow on the 26,335-foot-tall Shishapangma mountain — the 14th-highest in the world — on Oct. 5, 1999.

8. Belgian Terror attacks

Belgian authorities are searching for the people responsible for the March 22 bombings. The blasts killed 32 people and injured more than 300, with 87 still hospitalized. Two suicide bombers, including Ibrahim El Bakraoui, struck the departure lounge of Brussels Airport in Zaventem about 37 seconds apart, killing at least 10 people. About an hour after the airport explosions, Khalid El Bakraoui, a Brussels-born 27-year-old and Ibrahim’s brother, detonated a suicide bomb on the Brussels subway at the end of rush hour.

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