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How To Copy Contacts from iPhone to Android Phone

If you recently changed your smartphone from iPhone to Android, then it must be a frustrating for you to copy each and every contact to your new Android smartphone. Contacts that you already have in your iPhone is important for you, but it kills your time when you start to copy contacts one by one. There are two methods that can help you copy all your iPhone contacts in your new Android mobile phone. 

Syncing contacts through iTunes for desktop to their Gmail account is the easiest way to copy contacts from iPhone to Android smartphone.  Here in this article we will guide you through the whole process on how to transfer or copy contacts from iPhone to Android.

Copy All Contacts from iPhone to Android Easily

As i mentioned above, you can copy or transfer iPhone contacts to Android phone using two methods.

  1. Using My Contacts Backup App
  2. Using iCloud Service from Apple

1. Using My Contacts Backup App

My Contact Backup App let you transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android device easily.Please follow these steps

  • First of all download “My Contacts Backup App” on your iPhone from here.
  • Install the downloaded app on your iPhone.
  • Launch My Contact Backup app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on Backup option.
  • Email that backup in VCF file format to your email account.
  • Login to your Email account on your Android device.
  • Open the Email you sent from your iPhone.
  • Download the VCF file and all your contacts will be transferred to your Android device.

2. Using Apple iCloud Service

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Using iCloud Service?

If you old smartphone is iPhone, you are more familier with iTunes and you have already installed iTunes in your PC . If you already have connected your iPhone with data cable in your PC  and have internet connection and Google account, you are good to go. Follow these steps to sync contacts from iPhone in Gmail and copy contacts in your new Android mobile phone.

  • Launch iTunes on your PC.
  • Connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable.
  • In the menu bar tap on Info tab.
  • Check the box near to “Sync contacts With” and then from the drop down menu tap on “Google Contacts”.
  • Type your Google account ID and password that will allow Apple andGmail to update your contacts.
  •  Here tap on Apply button so that iTunes sync your contacts to Google account.
  • Add your Google account on your Android device from Settings > Accounts.
  • Login to your Gmail account.
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To activate your Android Device you need to login with a Gmail account, when you login, your contacts will be automatically synced

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