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Deepflight Dragon Submarine – an elaborate toy for a Millionaire

Forget cars, a good yacht costs less than a million. But this little piece of engineering comes in at a whopping $1.5 Millions. It is called Dragon and is made by the company DeepFlight. Graham Hawkes, the founder is known to be quite an adventurous soul.

deepflight-dragon-submersible_3a deepflight-dragon-submersible_4a

You can cruise, you can hover and you can dive up to 120 meters in this luxury sea-car. It is a two-man submarine that can be piloted with minimal training and without a licensing. The vehicle lasts up to 6 hours of use on one lithium battery charge and go at a speed of 4 knots.


The Dragon has fixed positive buoyancy, meaning that it will always naturally float back to the surface. At 1800 kg and only 5 m in length, the Dragon is able to fit on more yachts than any other submarine on the market, with little or no retrofit required. With its high-efficiency brushless DC drivetrain and underwater lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack, it is fast, clean and quiet. A 40V system voltage and low electric signature make the Dragon safe to operate around swimmers, as well as any large marine animals you might encounter.

What makes this model unique is the DeepFlight Dive Manager (DDM), a proprietary technology that monitors and manages crucial functions. The four rotating engine pods enable the craft to fly and steer like a quadcopter. Ocean exploration should be a ton of fun in this high-performance personal submarine, if you have the desire and the pocket, that is.




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