Discover your personality through the way you see colors and shades

The color is considered as the type of non-verbal communication and the Color psychology is the study of shades as a determinant of human behavior.

UK color psychologist Angela Wright developed a means of predicting our responses to color with remarkable accuracy.

It’s called the Color Affects System and works on two levels: The psychological properties of each of the 11 basic colors; and the roles that variations in tones, hues and tints can play in achieving a desired psychological effect. A key factor in this, Angela recognized, is that it is not one color that triggers our responses, but a combination of the millions of colors, hues, tones and tints the human eye can distinguish. For example, a gray sky over a summer cornfield will evoke quite a different emotion than will a gray winter’s sky downtown. Therefore, there are no wrong colors per se, but different color schemes do prompt different responses.

This test is based entirely on how each individual views certain colors.

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