Your birth date tells so much about your color and personality

Your birth date corresponds to a particular color. Just make sure that this is not your lucky color. It is the color that represents you. First, what’s your number? For single digit birth date of any month, that is your number.

Your Color and Personality by date of birth

For double digits, add the digits, and your number is that value. For instance, if it’s 23 then add 2 and 3, which gives you 5, and thus your number is 5. If you get double-digit, add those digits again. For example, 29, adding will give you 11, add again, and you will get 2.

Number 1: Gold

You are ambitious, strong, creative. The color represents vitality and abundance in your life.

Number 2: Blue

You love peace and tranquillity since you are mostly like a quiet soul. You do not take life too seriously and tend to take things as it comes. The color represents vastness, depth, and solitude.

Number 3: Purple

You have strong will power and are resilience. Even with any major event in your life, you are not perturbed by it and set forth along your desired goal. The color represents resilience.

Number 4: Red

You have a fiery soul, are competitive and do not want anything lying down. You stand for what is right. The color red represents fire.

Number 5: Orange

You are bright, humorous and want to exchange your warmth with others. The color orange represents cheerful, lively being.

Number 6: Green

You don’t like change too much and are conservative when it comes to things. You enjoy limited company since you are less likely to be social. Green represents everything that’s unmalleable.

Number 7: White

You are more of an introvert and are good at hiding feelings, no matter how close you are to anyone. You like to project yourself in front of anything. The color represents purity.

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Number 8: Light Blue

You have a good heart, but still, build walls around it. Those who break the walls tend to be lifelong friends. The color represents serenity.

Number 9: Brown

You crave for materialistic pleasure. You want security in life and want things to go according to plans. The color represents materialism.

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