Experiences Vs Things – What Makes You Happy?

We live in a World that is obsessed with materialistic things and is fascinated with consumption. Buildings, Cars, gadgets, technology, etc. are the items we are ready to spend tons of our hard earned money. We are so accustomed to these materialistic things that we just cannot imagine our lives without cell phones or laptops. We have confined ourselves to the world that can see nothing beyond Science and Technology.

But amidst all these, the sad truth is none of it is going to stay with us forever. Well, they might satisfy you momentarily, but would not last long. Experiences, on the other hand, will live on forever. If you spend money on them, you are going to feel more joy and contentment in your life.

Researchers at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, found that experiences last longer than material things and tend to give us more happiness. It happens because we adapt to new, material creature comforts and take them for granted.

Think, what would you rather discuss a dress you last bought or a family holiday you enjoyed last weekend?

Little Moments Make Countless Beautiful Memories

The true essence of happiness lies in living the little moments of affection and warmth with your special ones. Surprises have the capability to give more delight than simply giving away the gift because surprises invoke in us thrill and exhilaration that so it provides lasting and more fulfilling happiness than the momentary pleasure of a commodity.

Giving makes us feel on the Seventh Heaven

There are small tokens of love that offer durable happiness and fulfillment, and that include the joy of sharing. The experience of surprising a friend or someone close with an unexpected gift will not only make them go awestruck in your love, but will leave you feeling a deep sense of contentment, and that joy is likely to last forever unlike the momentary excitement of possessing a commodity.

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Excitement Vs Impatience!

While contemplation of buying a commodity causes impatience, the expectation of an experience causes thrill and delight. You can take pleasure in experiences from the first stage of planning as a level of excitement goes through our body to witness some of the best things in life. But in the case of buying something, more than the excitement, it is impatience that we feel within.

Have stories to tell not stuff to show!

As they say, at the end all that matters are memories. So, fill your life with experiences, not things. Things may last longer than experiences, but the memories that linger are what that makes this world a beautiful place. We like hugs, we like to be surprised and we like to feel the feeling of togetherness. We are the human being!

Experiences become a Part of You

Social interactions, small get-togethers or going for an ice-cream – Experiences are worth investing in because they invoke in you some lessons for life. They transform you into a better individual.

There’s a reason why a broken heart hurts more than a broken cell phone. Because experiences last a lifetime and their impact make it difficult to let go of things.

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