Ghost CMS is here for bloggers


The simplicity of Ghost CMS is scary to start with. Apparently it is meant to allow bloggers to just write and not think about other bits and pieces that clutter like in the case of WordPress. How successfully? Well!! only time will tell. And predictions have gone so high and fantastic that Ghost is even thought to compete or even replace WordPress in the future. But for now it is there to be had, tested and modified. Lets look at some of the facts in bullets:

Ghost CMS is here for bloggers

  • Open source and built with Node.js (uses SQLite3 for backend)
  • Built by a WordPress veteran by the name of John O’Nolan
  • Kickstarter campaign raised more than $300,000
  • Minimalistic (would be an understatement)
  • Writing and preview in split screen (like WYSIWYG)
  • Dashboard not ready yet
  • Almost 100,000 downloaded
  • Lot of buzz (to suggest something must be right)

Here is what the editor looks like:


Some healthy competition is good to bring out the best in developers which is probably why people seem to be so excited about Ghost. It is definitely targeting a niche for the moment but it will surely morph into something else when people start tweaking it as money making is always the agenda.  I think for now the flexibility of WordPress wins. Try it out : https://ghost.org/



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