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  • 9 Signs you are spending way too much time on Facebook

    Facebook is considered to be a great innovation in the world of Information Communication Technology. While it is really good, too much of goodness can be bad. Spending too much time on it cannot be healthy. Here are nine signs that indicate you might be spending way too much time on Facebook: Even when you […]

  • HTML CSS Free Responsive Template

    Handpicked Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates

    Choosing a website template is the best option for you to build a beautiful website for your business quickly. There are thousands of beautifully designed free responsive html5 and css3 templates available on the web. Such templates need a little customization according to your needs. All of these free responsive html5 and css3 templates in […]

  • Social Media Influencers, Here is how you can earn more money online

    Influencers are those who have good audience and advocacy. Social media influencers are those with the good number of engaging followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many other social media websites.They are the people who have the power to affect the purchase decisions of others. People may not trust brands very much, but 90% of people believe […]

  • 20 Critical Questions to ask yourself about your Website

    It is amazing how simple questions can provide useful insights on anything. If something doesn’t look or feel right it probably isn’t. At least that is the case with most websites. These days sites have to be appealing at multiple levels. Because on the internet with infinite options, patience on the part of surfers is […]

  • Collection of 20 Beautifully Designed Free Flat UI Kits for Designers

    Over the past year, use of minimal and flat design in web and mobile design is more common among designers all over the world. Players like Microsoft, Google and now even Apple is digging this design trend. In Flat designs, it is important to use brighter colors that will reduce gradients and shadows. If you […]

  • 35+ Examples of CSS Animation Shows What CSS is Now Capable Of

    If you are looking to add some animation to your web design project, CSS can be a good alternative for the Flash. CSS Animations allow various elements change from one style to a different one in a gradual nature.  Such Animations can transition from one specific CSS style configuration to another when CSS is used to […]

  • 7 cross-platform mobile application development tools for Developers

    The mobile app market is growing rapidly since the last couple of years. There are plenty of mobile application development platforms which allow mobile app developers to develop cross-platform hybrid mobile apps and deliver on native platforms. There are hundreds of user interface and web application development frameworks which allow developers to create HTML5 mobile […]

  • 7 Types of Digital Marketers Around you – Infographic

    In this modern marketing environment, many people get confused about digital marketing. It has so many different meanings for marketers working in the different market. Traditional marketing strategies are becoming less effective, and it is hard to use in today’s market. The modern marketing systems are becoming more advanced, more techie and some might even say geeky. […]

  • Microsoft no longer support lame password

    As we all do the same while the system asks you to put alphanumeric password  people will always try to safeguard personal data with codes like “123456” or “password.” Some sites more ambitious start to the user as well as the amount of capital and lowercase letters and symbols now, Microsoft prohibit password. Some basic […]

  • 10 Very Useful User Experience Tools For Every Designer

    UX designer is responsible for improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product. User research, prototyping design, user testing, and design collaboration skills is needed for every UX designers. Below are some of the best user experience tools that will help improve your design productivity. 1. UsabilityTools […]

  • 20 Really Helpful Cheat Sheets For Web Developers and Designers

    As a web designer or developer, its not easy to remember all design frameworks, programming languages and various keyboard shortcuts. Using Cheat sheets is a best way to help you remember things that you learn. Cheat sheets are designed in a way that it can be printed easily, so that you can have it on […]

  • 10 Most addictive websites That are Bound to Suck You In

    The World Wide Web is truely a is very powerful tool of entertainment and knowledge. It is filled with all things-the news, the gossip , the quirky  incident, that cute video. These 10 websites provide just that and much more! These sites have an addictive appeal, and can demand 30 mins or more browsing every day, […]