These Are 10 Best jQuery Video Plugins

There are hundreds of jQuery plugins freely available. These jQuery plugins will help web developers and designers enhance website’s feature and look. If you are working on online video project or looking to embed videos on your website you might want to use jQuery video plugin to speed up your work. Also these jQuery video plugin will help you have fluid and responsive embeds.

To simplify your search, we have list of 10 best jQuery video plugins which are used most by many websites and have a good user review.

1. FitVids

FitVids is a great jQuery video plugin that has been popular among many web designers. This jQuery plugins will helps you to have fluid width video embeds.


2. The BigVideo

This jQuery video plugin provides perfect big background video and images. Its demo pages make use of parallax scrolling mechanism on a full sized background video.

3) The BigVideo

3. The Popcorn

This is one of the best jQuery video plugin that was developed by Mozilla and according to Mozilla; you can use “Popcorn.js” with almost all types of media platforms. This includes HTML 5 audio and video, YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud and many other that you can imagine of. This jQuery video plugin also allows content from famous websites and other services to be easily integrated.

4. Video.js

Video.js is an open source HTML5 jQuery video plugin. It can also be used for Flash video players and supports both platforms. Moreover, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. could be played through this plugin. It also supports video playback on desktops and other mobile devices.


5. Embed.js

This jQuery plugin offers you endless features that analyzes string and also embeds the supported emoji, media, tweets, code, services, etc. And automatically embeds them. Other features include YouTube and Vimeo video embedding, Twitter tweet embedding, HTML5 player media embedding, etc. Moreover, Google Map location and live streaming embedding is also supported.

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7) Embed

6. jQuery Videosequence

This jQuery video plugin helps to create video and audio sequence with other media source extensions. Developer of the jQuery Video sequence plugin say that if you don’t have full knowledge about this plugin, it can be a bit stressing for you, so it is recommended to go through the WebM project on Wiki articles before you use this plugin.

8) jQuery Videosequence

7. jQuery Video Background Plugin

This jQuery video plugin helps to place a resize your video to the background of the page. If your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video element, then it would get an image if the poster image were provided to the plugin.

10) jQuery Video Background Plugin

8. Mopho

It allows you to create beautiful JPEG and PNG images. Moreover animated GIF’s are also supported. It features a configurable width and height, duration and video starting point. There are individual settings with lightbox features. This jQuery video plugin can run on all modern web browsers, iOS4 and IE 7 & 8.


9. MediaBox

It features nine widgets for video and audio and can easily handle every aspect of playlist management with automatic updates. All widget can be used independently, and this plugin automatically retrieved metadata. It also has an API that exposes all functionalities in a friendly manner.


10. YouTube Player

The YouTube player allows you to run multiple videos on the same page. It has CSS in external with autoplay feature. It also allows the creation of complex playlist with autoplay functionality and stopping a video at a certain point. It can also display the status of currently loaded video.

13) YouTube Player

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