29 jQuery links for new and pro

There are gazillians of sites offering a bit of jQuery on the internet. This page is a pot full of all those in one place. It will be helpful to the beginners and the pro alike. Have fun digging into it.


29 jQuery links for new and pro

1. Learn jQuery in 30 Days
2. 10 useful ebooks for web designers and developers
3. Best jQuery plugins of the week 5th Jan 2014
4. 10 best jQuery video plugins for developers
5. Login in jQuery Php MySql
6. 20 best free jQuery plugins 2013
7. Best jQuery plugins 2013
8. The modern date picker
9. 15 jQuery tips and tricks to increase performance
10. jQuery wysiwyg editor
11. Best jQuery plugins of the week 22nd Dec 2013
12. jQuery image hover effect
13. 15 jQuery plugins to speed up your coding
14. Best jQuery carousel plugins for web developers
15. Scrolloram Cool scroll
16. jQuery for mobile
17. jQuery payment
18. Parallax content slider with CSS3 and jQuery
19. Magnifying glass for images using jQuery and CSS3
20. The best free books, videos, tutorials and more for learning jQuery
21. jQuery hands on table
22. jQuery UI icon name map
23. 5 simple tips for more efficient jQuery selectors
24. How to develop an android app using jQuery etc
26. jQuery tut VIDEOS
27. Code snippet to hide a div
28. Beautify boring footnotes with jQuery bigfoot
29. jQuery UI tutorial for beginners

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