10 Useful Chrome Extensions for jQuery Developers

As we all know Chrome is most used web browser and web developers have to work on its standard. Its popular not only for normal internet users but also for web developers. There are 100s of extensions available for chrome browser to expand its feature and usability. Like firebug for firefox is widely used by many developers, chrome also offers many such developer friendly extensions.

jQuery is most common language for web designers and developers these days.  Today in this post we have a list of chrome extensions that are more useful for jQuery developers. These Chrome extension for jQuery developers can help save time and debug easily.

10 Most Useful Chrome Extensions for jQuery Developers

1. jQuery Audit

jquery audit
jQuery Audit creates a sidebar in the Elements panel containing jQuery delegated events, internal data, and more, as live DOM nodes, functions, and objects.

2. jQuery Debugger

jquery debugger
jQuery Debugger helps you to find bugs in the code it inspects your jquery selectors, and watch their matching elements displayed on any website. It is designed to help you understand easily even the most complex selectors.

3. jQuery Injector

jquery injector
jQuery Injector lets you inject jQuery in the current page. You can check for successful insertion, by running “$().jquery” command in the console.

4. All Cheat Sheets

all cheat sheet
This extension gives you various cheat sheets right in your browser for quick help.

5. jQuery Reference

jquery reference
jQuery Reference Search Extension allows you to search about any jQuery reference without moving to new tab or window.


This is a very simple tool to help out testing and checking out new ideas when you are offline. It creates a new blank page in edit mode using: data:text/html, html contenteditable. And also links jQuery-1.11.1 packaged with the extension, making it a fully offline capable tool.

7. jQuerify

Inject jQuery latest stable release version into any page you want or indicate presence of jQuery if it is included on page already. It allows you to use injected jQuery in the console shell (You can invoke Chrome console by “Ctrl+Shift+j” on PC or “Option+Command+j” on Mac) and to see the indication if jQuery has already been injected to the current page.

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8. jQuery Maxify

jquery maxify
This extension maxifies all minified jQuery references on a page can be toggled on and off by clicking the extensions icon.

9. jQuery Console Fix

jquery console fix
Small extension which fixes console.log output for jQuery objects in Chrome Developer Tools console. With this extension jQuery objects are displayed like in older versions of chrome (full list with highlighting on hover).

10. Quick Search on jQuery API

quick search on jquery api
This handy extension helps you to search faster on the official jQuery API docs site. Using it is very easy. Just type in “sjq” to your browsers address bar and press “tab” or “space”, now the extension is activated and ready to use.

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