I got robbed in Facebook


If you play 8 ball pool by Miniclip in Facebook you may have faced a situation such as this already. I was so hurt (because I was missing out on a large sum of virtual money) that I decided to quit playing after discovering what had happened. Here is the story. I was playing this 10000 entry fee tournament and the winning sum was 60000 of hugely satisfying fake money. I have been playing for about six months even then I was a bit nervous to play this one and I normally played the 2500 tournaments. I took my chances at big ones every now and then.

There are eight teams and three rounds. I won the first round easily. I was againt a highly rated player in the second round which I managed to win as well. Now in the final I was against this novice player (rated 28, my rating is 68). But he looked rather confident and sent messages like “sorry, gotta run”(you can only send predefined messages). Now these games are timed. You get about 30 seconds to play a stroke and if you miss three of them you lose the match.

This guy missed the opening shot. I thought people tend to do many things at a time on their computers and went about my merry way and potted a few. I was in a good position to win. Now It was his turn next. He drew his cue stick half way and paused. I thought he had a problem with his mouse until I realised the screen had frozen. I waited for a while and then I recieved the dreaded “lost your connection” message. This meant I lost the match and my money. I have a pretty good 2mbps connection. This was happening too many times lately so I searched the internet and found this video.In short my match was hacked. Have a look how he did it? I didn’t try it at all. I am one of those ethical ones.

I have realized I was wasting too much time on Facebook even though this was the only activity I did on it.

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